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Aniline Stain

2 years ago

I do not have enough space for windows to update on my PC

I now have 3 external Seagate hard drives that are 6tb each the last two drives filled up in 3 days. Because of file history. the last drive I attached was just so I can use it to store my pics, vids and docs. It seems to have taken it upon itself to assume the responsibility of file History. Can I format the 1st or 2nd hard drive since the 3rd one now is full. Does this mean everything on the first two hard drives is now on the 3rd. Also, why is my C drive full and telling me I can free up 760 GB on my C drive from other people and local accounts. I am the only one who lives here and use a Microsoft account not local one The only settings on file history are daily and by the hour. My C drive is at capacity and anything I plug in go straight to max capacity. Anyone else have a problem with this and have a suggestion I would sure appreciate it! A. Stain