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5 months ago

I have concerns windows updates infected my new computer

Hello i wanted to share that my new computer was infected from WINDOWS UPDATER which was the only thing downloaded into my computer. I shortly there after bought a prnter and due to HP and other printers coming with NO CD or software , I had to download that into my computer as well. there is something wrong when a hacker can attactch rouge programs to the windows automated updater. These people remote in and reside in and around where i live in PARK FOREST IL and nearby towns within less than 10 miles . they are chronically stealing and manipulating. I have no extra software other then a a couple programs that came from my CDs. I have to say that windows defender cant identity it. And I cant find it myself. Four times in the last month since i got this computer when i went to turn on this laptop it was on the rebootable screen when there was no such issue on shut down. it should have been completely off, yet i left it off and charging. I just cannot find a soultion to stop illegall remoting and use of my computer. Tonite when i logged in about 1 am ish.. someone was already using the flash drive on my system copying my stuff to some other computer . this is NOT US military or CIA or FBI its CROOKS and its scarey creepy and nobody has provided any assistance. When I wrote to FBI. GOV and many many other state and federal offices about my being targeted . .those perps change all my reports out. now they attack my system and have penetrated ONE DRIVE which used to just be a cloud on the web. But now when i sign into this computer. I can see view and use my one drive in my computer and it stays on it offline. HOW WAS THAT DONE?? I didnt do it. .they did similar on the laptop i am recently replacing.. Im horrified cause crooks are going thru my private supposedly protected documents altering them copying them and FORCE deleting them. ITs gang likewhich i am not in. they also are mental patients who got jobs.