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kenya younis

6 months ago

i need help to go on face time on skyp

i need help going on skype we have been send home today and we need to go on office365 to contact people and teachers and I cant and everyone can I have a laptop from phoenix colligate school in westbrom and I need ur help so i would like to have help A.S.P thanks u and if i don't have help i will get other people involved bc u are stopping me from leering and that mean no one going to be able to see me and on top of that i am dyslexic and SEN senco and u are stopping me and i know i have said this but ur are the one who stopping me that mean i will get in trouble and ur not bc u have passed well for me its not easy at all bc u dont know what type of suppor i need and that and i wont be able to do any think so if i get introble i am blaming u guys bc u not letting me on skype and ik my teachers know bc they have gave this and they are blocking me if u look they have almost blocked me from everythink and thats not even fair soo i need ur help all i will get others invlod okay so yh ger back to A.S.P and remmber if u can see what i am on plese look its red louse to be onised and no techers relly help me so if u can that will be amzing and it will make my day!! onisetley ur sensiley kenya