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John S

9 months ago

I've always been told, that Its' a woman's prerogative to..

Change their mind. Today I find that that is just no so!. Earlier the Girls and Boys in Redmond gave us something called Search in Side bar, and shortly there after came the NEW Microsoft Bing Logo..... Well the Search in Side Bar went away and I'm sure that that didn't upset to many people. Then on the Bing search pages we see the new Microsoft Bing Logo... Sorry that had to be the worst looking logo that I've seen in years. Happy to say that that didn't last too long. This morning Bing is back to just Bing! on the search pages. Thanks for listening Microsoft!... Oh what color is your dress, so I'll know what color of corsage to buy!..... Please don't change it I don't relish having to go to the florist again!.....