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keven timbo

a year ago

I would like to understand why this ...

I could not stand it, I had to come here to tell this to microsoft and for what you want to hear, why discontinue a system as good as windows 7 to put users in this system full of flaws called windows 10? , i use windows 10 i explored it completely and it's sad ... microsoft says that support ends up having too much time and if using windows 7 after support users will be exposed .... i'm sorry to say more this is not argument why i believe microsoft knows well that if one is looking right between a user with windows 7 after support and another using windows 10 with support the most exposed vulnerability is windows 10 so i want to tell all this to those are thinking about migrating to windows 10 or already have windows 7 and are feeling threatened by it, and what I say is: Do not abandon a system that flows perfectly to one that is worse than windows xp! Thanks for your attention, sorry if I offended anyone else I needed to state my opinion that this story of ending support should be Reanalyzed.