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Jonas - Swedish Goth

2 years ago

If there any MS tool that can parse CBS.log and DISM.log?

The DISM and SFC commands are one of the most powerful and best tools users can use to fix tons of issues with their system. However, even I, as a "poweruser" Should NOT be in powershell and run commands. Nor should users be in the regisitry, which Microsoft suggestest as a fix to certain problems. Microsoft gives the correct info. Users should NOT touch the registry, EVER! Nor the Powershell for that matter. Why? Because you need to be a mechanic to fix a Tesla car. One mistake and you can ruin big parts of windows. Win 10 is FANTASTIC at leaving logs! However, users dont not know what they mean, should NOT LOOK at them! It will only sorry people, and they could damage their system. Question: Is there any tool that can parse the Dism.log, CBS.log, update.log (And do the powershell commands to make the log). Also, I am lacking a tool that can check your Image against .xlm lists in MoSetup, "Waasmedic" and the live kernal reports. These tools should generate a report AND offer fixes that a normal user can understand. Before the user does anything with the tool. The tool creates a system restore. EASY. - FixWin 10 does this. - UWT 4, does this. - CCleaner have started to offered it now (DONT EVER USE CCLEANER TO CLEAN THE REGISTRY IN WIN 10! Why is Microsoft lacking tools like these, when the commands and features the tools uses, are Microsofts own. But in powershell command mode. There are 3:e party tools, but I do NOT want to use them. Microsoft needs a tool that can parse logs, Use ALL DISM/SFC/Repair-image and offer option to FIX things. Report "nothing is wrong. Just to prove I am not just negative. Questions to MS devs/techs: 1. Microsoft dev/techs: Doesn't running "SFC /SCANNOW" 3 times in a row, in a powershell as an administrator not Fix A LOT of problems? 2. As do cmds like "analyseStore", "repair-image" and many other COMMANDS? 3. There is no command to check WHERE your image is? CheckHealth from -Source-. needs you to point where the image is.