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Sidnee Robison

*Edited 2 years ago

In Cyberpunk Photo Director

All the sudden in Cyberlink Photo Director when I click the Print icon it won't print, it will only say; save file. Even when it is saved to file you still cant print the picture. Nothing has been changed because you can't change Cyberlink Photo Director settings. I have gone to Cyberlink site and there isnt any info about this problem. Mine is version 5 and you cant even message a question because they want to know which version I have from there drop down box and version 5 isnt listed. I uninstalled then reinstalled it yet it is still the same and I use Windows 10 that was already installed. I contacted HP which is my brand and they said since it is a third party app. They cant fix it. Anyway I just wondered if anyone has had the same problem or knew a fix. Thanks, Sidnee