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Anne Budd

a year ago

Inclusion for all disabilities πŸ€©πŸ’―βœ”

Many contributors on this platform recognise and applaud the 'Ease of Access' features on Windows 10. Microsoft teams are to be congratulated πŸ‘ with a personal thank you for me. From my very latest experience helping another visually impaired User to use Word in particular the screen reader and Narrator, I have the impression (I could be wrong) that marketing/raising awareness to disabled users could and should be improved. By way of explanation, the other day, I was able to assist a colleague to create a simple Word document. Imagine please 😊 'Anne' sitting at her desktop with the landline telephone stuck to my ear and my colleague doing the same in her own home. Although it was a prolonged process, I was able to help her discover some of the basic features such 'read aloud' and Narrator. When I discussed this experience with a community group, some people that they were 'afraid of breaking their computers' and not being adventurous enough because they were unsure of what they were doing. Something about technophobia perhaps. I replied that they would have to hit their computers with a very heavy item to break them. I also mentioned that operating systems are usually reliable and have their internal routines to resolve faults/errors. One person said that computers are an enigma to him. I replied that it is an enigma to me at times 😊 🀣. But, there was a general sense from this conversation that computer technology was for the 'clever people' and those who had all their faculties. I disavowed that presumption with my colleagues/acquaintances. Quite strongly actually. But it has made me think about how we can change this 'perception'. So, I am challenging Microsoft (respectfully of course 🀩😊) to comprehensively engage with users who have disabilities ; raising their awareness of the opportunities that information technology affords. FAO Moderator - please do not hesitate to socialise this with MS colleagues. Many thanks all πŸ™πŸ˜Š