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zong belly

a year ago

install windows 10 from download?

I have a computer, dual core 2.8 ghz processor, 6gb RAM, 160g HDD, running windows7 pro 64 bit. Can I download and install windows 10 from the download, or do I need to put it on a DVD or something? Do I need to go with windows10 pro because I I have windows 7 pro, or can I just use the home version? I don't do any gaming or anything. I'm sure all this has been discussed before, but when you try to look something up, you don't get what you look up, because of the connection to advertising. And if I download and upgrade, can I go back to my old operating system(Win7 pro) if I don't like 10? No doubt I am going to have to be dragged screaming and kicking into the future, but if someone can help me with the answer to my questions, it will be greatly appreciated.