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a year ago

Intel Corporation - Display Update (Version-

HI There, At 24th March 2020, I am trying to check for my Windows 10 update as usually i am checking via settings application. After that i am noticed there was a update that's called Intel Corporation - Display (Version- So as usual i am download the update and then try to install it. But the real problem was start here the update installing process was too long and suddenly it stuck at 0%. So i was deciding to update that letter,but when i try to close the settings app then suddenly my display was blank and black and also it not responding. After that i am try to boot the laptop by pressing the power key, it boot up (very slowly). Then i am trying to open the update app but the same problem is here. I don't know What problem is here? Is there any Bugs or Something? I will be glad if someone help me regarding this issue....... One More Thing: The Intel Driver Support and Assistant app was up to date no update was pending there,Also the Windows 10(Home) was Up To date