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Anne Budd

a year ago

Interacting with Computers πŸ˜€

Recently, I have heard conversations and comments that 'we' are spending too much time on our devices and less on our interactions with human beings. I respect these views but I do not share them. The world of the Internet and our devices (mine is a desktop computer) offers me splendid opportunities to engage with so many people across this world of ours. Whilst it is a fact that there are downsides with some aspects of the Internet connectivity, the positive opportunities are much more. For those of us who live in rural communities the Internet offers a 'window' (excuse the usage of 'Window' on the rest of the world. 😎 This particular platform is a favourite of mine 🀩 and the sense of connectivity is fantastic. Also, this platform affords me and people like me, an opportunity to explore the world of computing and its advantages. So many thanks to you all and especially the Windows Teams πŸ˜‰ you guys are really 😎