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Damien LEICK

10 months ago

Internet speed limited (Again) help

Hi I encounter a problem since a couple of days. I have a internet connection 400 Mbps / 50 Mbps My computer is all up to date Drivers are all up to date Windows version : 19041.329 I tried everything : - Hard reset internet modem - Hard reset internet routeur - Hard reset network card - Change network cable - reinstall completly network drivers - no speed limit are setting up somewhre My card negociate at 1Gbps Full duplex, no errors My computer is not able to get more than 180 Mbps (speedtest) in download FTP transfer don't want to go up than 600 Kbs I have an other computer with the same build of windows and i have no problem I've already had a problem like this last year and i was obligated to do a hard reinstall of Windows