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Juleigh Anne

a year ago

introduction, a few tech queries even took to Comp. GEEKS.

Good name is Juleigh..I've had enough trying to simply get my headphones to WORK with my Laptop - an HP Pavillion Gaming. I DO NOT GAME. I bought this as a great discount through my company, so that I could have something decent yet not $1K to start out. My ONLY complaint is I am having a single challenge with my JLAB Headphones, the sound coming into my headphones and not from the computer. I had this at Geeksquad three weeks ago because I tripped over the cord, totally annihilated the hard drive. They put in a Solid State Hard Drive, they swore best one they had. SO, since then, my headers do not work. The screen says my phones re not plugged in. I had NEVER had to have them "plugged in" before..and then the phones are synced with my Cell as well. I've invested now, $850 into this. I'm googling my face off trying to explain this ..what I would deem simple, alas - nobody finds the solution easy, but then, nobody has an answer. I get the same stupid, woman in suit, (we'll give her a good reason to buy here..)..kind of thing..tired of it AND with this Corona issue going on, I'm about to jap slap these pseudo computer techies. Does ANYONE have ANY advice for me? I'm just not quite in the financial position to purchase another computer just yet, so I truly need this baby. Heck, it's just a year old, we bought the extra warranty! Forgive me for spewing out my mood..I'm now behind in my goals for the clients need me and I need them...So, my new fellow Microsoft Community Members, ANYONE have any suggest. So, Community, any help, any thoughts? Any guidance that anyone is willing to take a bit of time to step in? Truly, I am a grateful, blessed gurl...many thanks, Juleigh Anne