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William Ray

7 months ago

Is it just me? No Cookies, but we got EMOJIS! Input my Soul

With all the cookies the systems use nowadays, you would think that I would not have to restart at the very beginning of the community feed, after viewing every post! 3 pages in and you give up on learning, which I'm beginning to believe is Microsofts goal. The "learning" part, not "giving up", never do that! Seriously, if you try to do any real computing, not (youtube and facebook surfing). But Excell, Powerpoint and as-difficult, proper network configurations, system configurations, sync, privacy, security, update, registry, process and even power configurations! God forbid figuring out what "Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object." means! At one point I think, I was beginning to understand that sentence...Scared myself, but not enough to check that box! Sorry...back to learning and yes, if you don't learn a thing or two trying to get windows to work properly then your obviously getting your 12 year old nephew to fix it like everyone else. At this moment it's a pleasure to accomplish something, even if it's just blowing off steam. My normal daily task consist of ; 2-3hrs reinstalling printer so I can print the "How to troubleshoot printer issue's after Windows update's", and then several more hours searching hopelessly for a way to delete the excess Cloud Drive file's, most of which are labeled "How to troubleshoot printer issue's after Windows update's", Please give me a Delete option if I right click ANYWHERE...PLEASE. How can such smart programming 12 year olds leave out or deliberately hide the basic commands. I can find 437 different ways to manipulate a file other than DELETE! Okay, I'll stop ranting, but I leave you with a " Smart" phone showing it's Scholarly skills. I was simply adding a recent call to my contacts, Phone ask's "New Contact or Update Existing". New Contact I input, then the Slept through Class SMART phone proceeds to pop up every contact with a matching letter, like I'm Updating!