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Pedrox The Best

7 months ago

is reviOS really partnered with you guys?

Hello Recently ive watch quite a few videos from an brazilian MVP called "Baboo", but for this conversation, only 2 are needed, one talking about Windows actvations and how they ruin your system, and what really is Windows 10 LTSB/LTSC, both in portuguese In both of these vids, he talks not to use modified Windows'es, epsecially those that comes ilegally activated, reviOS is meant to be an "SuperLite" Windows version that doesnt come with Metro and Windows 10 "bloatware" (which isnt true imo, Windows 10 2009 is very smooth when u legally activate it, Baboo's vid proves that those activators makes over 40k changes to Windows/Registry and one of them even install crypto mining software) my friends use, it's unofficial, but they claim that "They are partenered with Microsoft, and that it does not come activated, you use the same Product Key as normal Windows 10" The "company" behind this is called Revision, i am kind of skeptical about this "Partnership" thing I just want to know if Revision is really partnered with you guys