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*Edited 9 months ago

Is Windows 10X gonna fail? No win32 support

This is really important, Windows 10x is designed for foldables but as I take it, it's like a downgrade in everyway from Windows 10. Windows 10x is coming to single screen devices, to replace those trash computers that people use. I find it to be WAY to agressively pushed as a chromebook competitor, and virtualized apps running to a server really doesn't help. The thing is, I would like it if it had a option to run locally using another server computer as a way of a "Battery saver" mode for windows 10, but windows 10X is really pushing it too far, espically when the Microsoft Store hasn't been updated properly. The store looks ugly, spaced out akwardly, collections placed in a non-agressive spot, apps not priorized as they should be on search, and improper spacing overall. So who is Windows10x for? --addtional(edit)-- What makes it better than linux?