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Kieran Eastwood

10 months ago

Issues with update KB4556799 (I think...)

Hello, I installed KB4556799 and had issues since, I suspect this update as others have reported similar issues to mine and attributed it to that update. my pc currently often crashes to desktop when trying to play games, (has gotten worse last few days) and has had connectivity issues and realtek has stopped detecting devices aswell as a couple blue stop screens and crashes that required a restart. I don't know if it's the update for sure, but wanted to remove it so I could see if the problem persisted, but I can't uninstall it through the usual update uninstaller (can do with other updates) and cannot through cmd (update required), I've checked my drivers and all seem up to date apart from Radeon which when I tried to update gave me error code 207 'device manager found a problem with display adapter' but i can't find any issues in device manager. I also cannot download the latest windows 10 update as my device isn't ready for it, but doesn't give any indication of what I can do to make it ready. Thanks.