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*Edited 3 months ago

KB5000842 (OS Builds 19041.906 and 19042.906) Is "LIVE" 👀

Hello Everyone, Just a heads up on todays Cumulative Preview Optional Update March 29, 2021—KB5000842 (OS Builds 19041.906 and 19042.906) Preview Optional Update Is now available for download And here are some of the Highlights. Highlights : Updates an issue with zoom that occurs when using Microsoft Edge IE Mode on devices that use multiple high-DPI monitors. Updates an issue that makes high dynamic range (HDR) screens appear much darker than expected. Updates an issue that causes video playback to be out of sync in duplicate mode when you use multiple monitors. Updates an issue that displays nothing or shows “Computing Filters” indefinitely when you filter File Explorer search results. Updates an issue that makes the split layout unavailable for the touch keyboard when you rotate a device to portrait mode. Informs users when a child account in the Family Safety plan has administrative privileges. Updates an issue that prevents you from closing Toast Notifications using the Close button on touchscreen devices. Updates an issue with 7.1 channel audio technology. Updates an issue that causes a device to stop working if you delete files or folders that OneDrive syncs I Installed this Update with No Problems To Report. How was your experience with todays Update ?... Likes/Dislikes ?...