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John S

*Edited 2 years ago

Let's talk VPN's. Are they really necessary ?

Back when I was an active participant in the producing section of society, (I'm now retired). I used a VPN for connecting my laptop to many hotel/motel/restaurants' WIFI. This of course was in the days before tethering to my cell phone was allowed (cough, cough) and of course unlimited data plans. Today however there seems to be an abundance of free WIFI from stores, cable companies, and even some municipalities. What I've also noticed when I'm out and about is, that if there is a WIFI connection available, and I'm not connected to it, it will try and connect, there by almost stifling what I am trying to access. An example would be an Excel file. When that happens I simply shut the WIFI off, and go on about my business using my data plan. Given that tantalizing tidbit of information, and the fact that about the only place I consciously connect to WIFI is home, is a VPN in my case really necessary?