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Ben Vienerius

8 months ago

Live time for a computer using Microsoft Windows/Office

This is a question with a open end. There will always a end to something we use. We buy a car, a phone and a computer. A car can be used as long that it is servable or kept running with old parts. A phone often ends at the live time of a battery. Computers though change every day and components change the same way. In a few years we went from the GTX video Carts to RTX2000 and a year later to RTX3000 Processors went the same way from dual to quad cores and in between we managed to go in a flash from socket LGA into Motherboards that work that quick with a Intel Core i9 10900K. A version Windows was reliable for 5 years and 5 years end of time. In how far can we find with all our knowledge a live time for a composed computer? Before we went out of a door of a shop, it is almost antique. I understand that time rushes us bye, but explaining this all to elder people, who turned every dime twice, becomes almost impossible. Let me know your thoughts about this. Ben