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krzysztof grzywna

a year ago

Lock Screen Picture (Slideshow etc.) Fixed?

Someone mentioned this before.... since it didn't work for myself i even tried registry editor and this location 'C:\Windows\Web\Screen' no use, even deleting default pictures and replacing them did not work, the 'img103.png' after replacing would even show my new picture when i choosed slideshow....but only in the small preview..........which gave me the final clue 'how to' and 'why' :) solution is so dumb and so easy that i can't even think of why i did not checked it before; possible solution: Personalize->Lock Screen , now choose whatever you want, for example 'Slide show' and then choose folder with pictures now go to the folder with pictures, (unfortunately im not sure if there is a way to do that for more than one picture); right click on the picture-> Properties-> General(the tab) , now on the bottom on the right side select 'Unblock' then 'Apply' and obviously 'OK' ; done, for any picture you unblock, your slide show will win one more picture; this solved the problem for me pretty much it's bcoz the pics come from the internet :| this will happen with more than just pictures altho screensaver still works with all pictures, even with the unblocked ones, so i assume one of the updates made the lock screen settings ignore all blocked pictures