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Anne Budd

a year ago


What does being lockdown mean to me? Well, apart from the obvious of not being able to venture beyond the perimeter of my home, I find myself doing more of the following....... listening more, thinking more and hearing more; in particular the thinking bit. So here is my idea and it may come across as being 'nuts' 🤔🤯 When I power-up my computer every aspect of my personal operations of use should be coded into a simply use panel. Currently, when I log on my Internet access is automatic via my provider. However, if I wish to send an email I am faced with log-on panels etc. The usual website that I visit could be done via the Windows control panel. I am fortunate enough that my Internet usage is predictable and I very rarely surf out of the norms. Probably boring I know, but there it is. Thinking a little more about automated connectivity, there are masses of technologies that functions and self maintain themselves - some of them are extraterrestrials. I have to think that somewhere in a Microsoft development lab this 'intelligent' connectivity to our preferred websites is being developed, without using 'favourites'. The software needed would have to be intuitive (actually perhaps beyond intuitive). As I mentioned, the idea is a bit on the nutty side.