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Floyd Vaughn

3 months ago

Looking for a AMD Ryzen Based Laptop with Windows 10 Pro

I have been using my ThinkPad T450 with i5 since 2013 and it has aged quite well. It still functions fine with RAM upgrade and HDD swapped with SSD. But, I think I need more powerful laptop now. I researched about laptops last weekend and I found that many people think that AMD machine is better than Intel based ones right now because its more efficient bla bla. I have a tower pc at home with AMD CPU inside it and have never faced a problem with it. I mostly use it to play Xbox Game Pass titles. It performs quite well with it. With all that being said, I am leaning more towards an AMD based laptop right now. Don't want to spend more than $1000 for it. Windows 10 Pro is must for me. I have looked at some of the the new ThinkPad models mentioned by this site - Since, I already own a T line ThinkPad I think the experience with T15 would be more similar than E15. I really don't know how they are different though. Not sold for ThinkPads completely, would love to explore other brands. Thanks.