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Edward Gavras

a year ago

Lots of THANKS to The entire Microsoft Team and Developers

Greetings my name is Edward, I’ve been using Microsoft for 7yrs.and I’ve gotta say that Microsoft has come a long way in a way better direction, the TEAM of Microsoft continues to coming up with awesome new and fantastic ideas, but not only that but Microsoft continues dedication and devotion to the users,Microsoft does strived to continues to better there apps, they strive for excellence, and they apply themselves as a TEAM to listen to all user suggestions, all user issues if they have any troubles,and they”DO”The Best in every way possible, and even when some users get really upset the Microsoft Team still continues there Politeness, Professionalisms,Respect,Courteousness,Dignity as well as theTEAMS Politeness no matter what the situation may be.The Microsoft TEAM does everything possible to assist and help all of Microsofts user and even the users that use there search engine(s) in the event there’s a question or even a”How do I do this”they have a excellent 100star Customer Care TEAM in all entirety,the one thing that I must say and is the most important thing and I quote “they strive and continue to make everyone who is a user or a Search Engine User easier to use for the users of Microsoft in my opinion have a well knowledgeable TEAM STAFF that is “ALWAYS” ready to !!HELP!! All Microsoft users NO matter what the situation(s) or circumstance(s) may be. The Microsoft TEAM always strives to better in anyway and every way possible to take all Users of Microsofts app(s), Microsofts search engine, and Microsofts TEAM does take the time to read “ALL” the users E-mails, Messages, Concerns, Questions, Complaints and so much more,WHEN IVE CALLED MICROSOFT THEY HAVE ALWAYS BE EVERYTHING MENTIONED ABOVE and THEN some. I know that Microsofts TEAMS are COURAGES, in all EFFORTS to here Positive Feed back and Suggestions to help improve&better everything Thank you to all the Microsoft TEAMS for doing such a great job Sincerely one of your most Loyalties appUsers Ed Reynolds