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Harold Thomas

10 months ago

Make a White list and a Black List Tab for emails.

This came to me in my sleep last night. Spam and Malware is so rampant it drives me crazy. How about making a Tab that allows us to sort our mail into a white list (Email we always want to receive) and all others into a Black List (Emails we want deleted permanently the moment we receive them.) This would help keep our email account clean and stop a lot of annoying time going through everything each time we receive the same junk over and over again. I know we have spam folders and you can just go to the site and request to be removed but that takes a lot of time and at times wasted effort. This way we control what we want to see and stop the headache of having to constantly delete the junk we don't. On the email we are not sure of we can always put into a review later folder. This will cut down on a lot of unnecessary emails and clutter.