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John S

4 months ago

Microsoft 365 Sync Issues

Before it was even a thing, I noticed that Microsoft Word, and OneNote would sync up almost immediately. Not so much with Excel. Although the sync time has gotten better, compared to Word or OneNote it still is significantly slower. But that's not the issue. The issue is I had a spread sheet on my laptop that I was working on and deleted phase one and two of that spread sheet. (Trash Bin, and then emptied the trash bin) When I opened up The Office Icon on my Fire Table, and on my Moto G7 Android phone as well, the deleted spreadsheet was still showing. Remember I had deleted it. So, I clicked and chose "remove from list" that did no good. I rarely use the Office Icon on my laptop, but this morning I did, and was stunned to see the spreadsheet still there? WTH? I clicked on "remove from list" and it went away. When I looked at my tablet and then at my phone, it was then gone from there as well.... That to me isn't the way syncing should work. I know I can make changes all the way around and they take, but I wonder what happened here? Any S.W.A.G's