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9 months ago

Microsoft Bing vs Regular Bing logo vs Curvy Bing logo

Ok who at Microsoft actually thought that Microsoft Bing logo was better than Regular Bing logo? It looks really bad, espically compared to google. Whenever you do a search engine, you make it easy to know at a glance, you don't want it to be long and contrived. Bing is a reputable name, Microsoft Bing is unneccesarily long and completely dumb. I know people don't look and care about it, but it really shows how the team at microsoft is questionable at best. Instead of focusing on dynamically making a brand they instead shove microsoft on something because it sounds more reliable to enterprise. This is honestly a really bad change, And the curvier bing logo looks kinda meh but atleast it isn't generic and bland. So what do you think? Should they go and refine the curvy bing logo? or just stay with something that works?