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*Edited 2 months ago

Windows Changing

Hello πŸ‘‹!! I am Yash and I am from India and I really like Microsoft. Did you notice that Windows icons and Microsoft Edge icons are changing? They are more circular? I think that is linked to the major UI update code named Sun Valley. I think that Windows is changing from the square-ish icons to circular icons. These circular icons are more modern and these circular icons as well as most of the updates in Sun Valley are linked to the new Windows operating system, Windows X. Everything is the same except some changes such as: Windows X does not support legacy apps, these are apps which can be downloaded from the web. Windows X are for those people who like to work with ChromeBooks. People are hoping that more apps and games come available to the Microsoft Store with the new Sun Valley update. The update is expected to appear in the early year of 2022. But some new features and updates will roll out on the Windows Insider by October. Thats it for me today! I will keep you updated. Thanks!πŸ˜€πŸ™‚πŸ‘‹