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2 months ago

Microsoft "News and Interests" Coming to Windows 10 Soon πŸ‘€

Hello Everyone, I've been reading some articles about the new " News And Interest" Feature that will be released in a couple of week or so. The one thing I really Like in this widget is that it Will put the Outside "Temperature and Condition" (For Your Area) right on the Taskbar just like the Time And Date is. I think I've been trying to have this feature implemented into Windows since day one of Windows 10, so naturally, I was very excited to finally see it. The only thing is I sure hope this new feature has a way to remove all the News and Other things there once you hover over the taskbar Icon. I'm really just looking for the ability to view the outside Temperature and Condition without opening the Weather App. However! who knows! I just may like it the way it is 😊 Perhaps Someone out there knows a little bit more about this New Upcoming Feature and would like to share there knowledge? What Is your Thought on this new feature? Likes/Dislikes?