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Mark Leier

2 years ago

Microsoft's support/endorsement of Android based phones ?

Microsoft has endorsed Android phones. I am here to tell you, the experiment has FAILED. Microsoft Launcher does NOT work well. I use it every day, and every day Google/Android resets my defaults for information and location sharing. If I am forced to use this P.O. S. operating system, why should I share ANYTHING with Google? Why must I maintain a Gmail account to access, download, and use MICROSOFT apps? Google/Android/Alphabet are a data mining cabal, that I attempt to avoid when and where-ever possible. If it is their OPERATING SYSTEM, it is by definition corrupt. In the same manor that a preloaded Facebook app allows Facebook to track information whether you open the app, or not. In the same way that Thomas Jefferson stated, "The access to a man's books and writings, is access to his soul." Government, nor Uncle Google, the ability to access our "information" should not be the confused with the right to do so. We each, as individuals, are "A Special Interest Group of One". When information tracking (and data storage) were difficult and/or expensive we had little need for concern. We are huge collections of data points, and while Microsoft is not without fault, I would like the ability to limit my exposure wherever possible. My wish is that Microsoft may lead this resistance. More data does not make everything better, just less "personal", and many steps closer to Chinese-style government control. If you approve of the political happenings in Hong Kong today, do nothing, and in a few years we will all become "subjects" of similar tactics. James Madison stated, " The Sole purpose of Government, is protect the Individual from the Tyranny of Majority. " Thanks, one and all, for your attention and consideration.