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Anne Budd

*Edited a year ago

Microsoft versus Chrome

I came across this analysis written by Lifewire concerning these two giants. The paragraphs below are just two that attracted my attention. 'Microsoft has decided to discontinue EdgeHTML and other core components of Microsoft Edge. Instead, the company plans to create a new version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium. Microsoft is going to build Microsoft Edge on the foundations of Chrome, meaning that key elements like the rendering engine will be identical. What's likely to remain different are the connected services. For example, you may still sync your bookmarks with your Microsoft account instead of a Google account, and Bing will likely be the default search engine for Microsoft Edge. A common platform will make it easier for developers to create content and apps that are consistent across the major browsers'. Source: Lifewire - - February 2020 I fully anticipate that Edge' et al will have to evolve as users' demands for greater connectivity and dynamic use increases - perhaps exponentially. 🤔 Post script: I did not get on with Chrome - niggly things I suppose - but irritating as a user.