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James Bidol

2 years ago

"Microsoft Warning-- Install the "Emergency Patch"09-24-2019

Janet Perez of under Kim Komando's Emails, Kim is a well know tech guru, put out an email to Kim's subscribers on 09-24-2019 on the above subject and said "Microsoft is telling users to download an 'emergency' out-of-band security patch immediately." Komando further says "the security flaw affects more than 7% of all browser users...running affected version of Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11'. I have an updated Windows 10 computer, and I do use Internet Explorer and Edge, as well as GOOGLE regularly, but I don't know if I should download anything regarding this "Microsoft warning"! I just down's understand what, if anything I should do. My computer has the latest Update from Microsoft. I rely on my installed Malware Bytes Premium protection and Webroot Security, both of which are paid services. I also have Windows Defender doing periodic scanning. I have not been alerted by any of these three security and protection systems that my computer is in any way under attack or been infected. Komando has appended 16 Downloads from which to choose for dong the "emergency patch", however, none of them state in their titles/descriptions that they are for Windows 10? The Article states that the Department of Homeland Security takes the threat serious enough that it is issuing its own "advisory urging the public to get the patch." The Article states: "You can find the patch here (https.// Further, "from the list, "choose the update that corresponds with the versions of Internet Explore and Windows that you are running." I cannot seem to determine, despite instruction, what version of Internet Explorer I'm running, but if I could, the download list seems not to reference Windows 10 in anyway. COULD ANY OF YOU TECHIES SHOW ME THE LIGHT, AND GUIDE ME SPECIFICALLY AS TO WHAT I SHOULD DO BY WAY OF WHICH IE PATCH I SHOULD DOWNLOAD, IF ANY? I really would appreciate any help and wisdom from you. Thanks! Jim B.