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*Edited a year ago

Microsoft Windows 10 UI Design Is Still Inconsistent

In January2020, we here that Microsoft is discontinue the legendary Windows 7 OS after almost 12 years support. The windows 7 users should not be get any feature update expect the Security Patch update. Well frankly say it's really a tough decision for Microsoft, Because over 200M+devices are still running on windows 7 in 2020, Microsoft continuously try to push it's user to the latest Windows 10. It's fine and i am not complaining about this. But the real problem comes in terms of Windows 10's UI element design and user experience..... In Windows 10 Microsoft was introduced Fluent Design System, and that is the new user interface by Microsoft in Windows 10, Microsoft really work on it and continuously try to improve it. But the problem is The new Fluent Design of Windows 10 is very unstable and it is only support just few apps and System. The Core User Interface of Windows 10 is still look like 2009's Windows 7 in 2020. Here is the few Point that you should be noticed it: 1.The Windows 10 Setting Application has a new good look, but you can also find the old Windows 7 style in Control Panel in Windows 10. 2.The File Explorer of Windows 10 is Still look like 2009's Windows 7. 3.Most of the old core applications of Windows 7 is also present in Windows 10, Like Paint, The worse Internet Explorer, Windows old Media Player etc., you can find it on Windows Accessories folder in start menu. I know many users are still love to use those but is those app really need? think rationally.... 4.The most of the Internal Core application and program still look like windows 7 in 2020, they need a big revamp of windows new fluent design. It's complicated the system and make things more harder. My Suggestion is that, Please Windows 10 Developers Short out this Issues and Solve the Problem in next Windows 10 feature Updates. If you are agree with me, please Comment.. For more details please watch this: