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Black Clouds

a month ago

MS Defender 101: Antimalware Client Version Update

πŸ‘ Update your Windows Defender via Windows Update, KB4052623. πŸ‘† If you encounter error/glitch in the process, RESTART/REBOOT your PC/Laptop then CHECK FOR UPDATE again & everything will be all right. Details: πŸ€”How to check your "Antimalware Client Version"? ✨ Two ways to check the version ✨ βœ” Type in the search box, Windows Security βœ”βœ” click Gear Icon or Cog Icon(located at the bottom) βœ”βœ” click ABOUT or βœ” go to SETTINGS βœ” click Update & Security βœ” click Windows Security βœ” click Open Windows Security πŸ‘† Follow βœ”βœ” πŸ‘ ✨ Antimalware Client Version: 4.18.2104.10 ✨ 😎 Are you Updating your Shield??? 😎