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John S

a year ago

My Ode to Outlook Client

I started out using Microsoft Internet and Mail, which was then morphed into Outlook Express which then became my main mail handler back in 1996. Over the years there have been many good and some not so good changes to the product. In 2010 when the whole of the internet really started to change, Microsoft made some of the worst changes to Outlook. IMHO Microsoft really screwed Outlook up. Functionally it was still the same, but navigationally it was a total mess.( Yeah, I’m talking about the original “Ribbon”) I guess I wasn’t the only one that though so, because what we have now is an easy to navigate tool email client again! Now that I am retired, I still find Outlook invaluable. While there have been many fantastic enhancements to the email side of Outlook over the years, Microsoft in their infinite wisdom did not change the one that was and still is invaluable to me. It is so invaluable that it keeps me from using their other Outlook, or the Mail and Calendar. You see in the Calendar when you set up an appointment or meeting, you are given the option of setting a reminder. Now while you can set a reminder in the other Microsoft Mail products, those reminders are preset, and cannot be change. With Outlook if you need a reminder in 45 minutes, or if you need one in 2.5 hours, you can change that to that time or for that matter to any time that you may need. Microsoft, thank you for not changing that. If you were to bring that one feature to your other email programs, apps, whatever you want to call them, then even an ‘ole $%art like me might start using them, although I doubt it though, muscle memory you know! Really enjoy the mail Quick Steps as well