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*Edited 3 months ago

Never Jump To Conclusions! ๐Ÿ‘€

Hello Everyone, I'd like to share a little True story with all of you. The other day on patch Tuesday I downloaded all the updates and installed them to my system and all seemed fine. So the next day I was surfing the net and all of a Sudden my Microsoft 1850 Wireless Mouse froze-up and stopped responding after my system made that little noise that it does when you remove a device from a USB Port. So I thought maybe a reboot will fix the problem. And it did for a little while and then it did it again. So naturally my first thought was """OH NO A Bad Update!!!""" It wasn't doing that until the Update!... It's just gotta be that. Then I took a second and thought well maybe It's a mouse going bad, Yeap! you guest it, I jumped online and ordered a new one. Anyways!... After that I started thinking and I decided to remove the Mouse Dongola from the extra USB Port that came on my cooling pad and insert it into a different USB port on my device itself. Well Low And Behold It Worked Perfectly!... It seams that the USB Port on my Cooling pad has gone bad after many years of service And NOT the fault of Microsoft at all. The Moral Of The Story : Never Jump To Conclusions Because The Problem May Just Be On Your End.