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7 months ago

Not Sure What Is Happening With The Non Marked Responses

Hello Fellow Windows Community Members & Staff, Sorry for the confusing Title but I could only post 60 characters in there. Anyways!... has anyone else noticed that almost 90% of the members here have "Stopped" using and Supporting the " Like - LOL - Helpful - Awesome " areas in the original OP Posts, and in the Reply's to the OP as well. (IMO) it always gives me a great feeling inside if I can answer a members question and I then received a "Helpful" response back from the OP and of course a reply. By using these features we also accumulate badges for our participation and involvement in Our Community. I know these badges are just for fun, and have No value except to the person who has earned them. Since I've been a member here I Always try and leave one of these selections marked in Every Post. a new member can learn a lot from other members posts that may have had the same problem and is looking for a solution when they come across one of our old posts with the answer already there. What are your thoughts on this Matter?.. Likes / Dislikes?..