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2 years ago

Office 365 error on windows 10

Have tried support and the tech couldn't understand the issue.... it seemed he felt it wasn't an issue or didn't understand at all. In summary. personal Microsoft ( consumer) account with an attached an o365 account several ways Workplace account Windows 10 mail Credential manager (confirmed there, not modified) Outlook 16 every time reboot or recover from sleep I have to re-authenticate through the o365 portal to go daddy site for email, onedrive, SP designer etc. Office apps don't prompt consistently but come up with odd webapp / element login prompts occasionally that use the std o365 interface. I have recreated profiles, refreshed my surface to test a fresh setup. removed and re-added all apps and workplace accounts etc. but cant seem to get SSO / pass though auth. I'm having a hard time on the forum here finding anyone with the exact same issue which troubles me. anyone have any idea what I do next? Recently i did a office 365 set up on my windows 10 and i referred this article Need help to solve this error. Please help Regards, Adrian