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John S

7 months ago

Office 365 Tips and Tricks How we Learn

Office 365 Tips and Tricks. Do you have a tip or trick you would like to share with the class? My trick is in Excel, and uses the Format Cell feature. When people look into formatting a cell, they rarely look beyond font, color, time, and currency, They rarely look into the Custom part of the Numbers format section, and that is where I'm going to take you. In Excel when you type something like 25#, or 25lb., there are several ways to get the adjacent cell to either x, /, -, +, that cell. Or for example you have a list where every name is the same, only the quantity changes. So why, type that name in each and every time, and why enter some outed formula to take advantage of the number only. So here's a way of doing both. When you choose to format a cell or row or column of cells, highlight Number, then scroll down to custom, Under the word Type, where it says General type in "mmHG", then hit press enter. Now when you enter your number in that column of cells, the letters mmHG will also appear. Next for the numbers. Under the word Type, where it says General you can type is something like this 0.0 "lbs." Notice that there is a space between the last 0 and the first quote mark. That is optional, but after you hit enter go a cell in that column and enter a number and let your eye make your decision. When you enter a number in the cell now, it will appear as 25#, but it will be able to be X, /, *, -, +, as if the # wasn't even there. As for both scenarios, what I've shown you in between the quote marks can be anything you want. Have fun! What are some of your tips or tricks?