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John S

7 months ago

OneDrive and Photos What!

After I reinstalled Windows 10, I opened OneDrive and started getting things back in order. I noticed several images were gone, but it was time to replace them anyway. Naturally I opened up File Explorer, and that is when panic set in. What I noticed was that the folder known in OneDrive, called SkyDrive Camera Roll, was no longer there. Panic started to set in, but luckily I have every thing backed up on an external hard drive so we didn't have to get out the portable defibrillator, just yet. I started back into OneDrive in both accounts, as they are linked together, as well as File Explorer and noticed that there was now a folder call simply named Camera Roll. Ok, now that I know, I can live with that, but what puzzles me now is that on my Android phone and Fire tablet OneDrive still shows SkyDrive Camera Roll. Do I dare uninstall on those devices and reinstall, or let alone?