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John S

*Edited a year ago

OneNote 365, OneNote Web App, and OneNote 2016 - Parity?

For the life of me I cannot understand why there has to be three different forms of OneNote when probably like Excel one would do. Of course I understand that there are mobile versions of Excel, so lets not go there. The other day I decided that my Kindle Fire 10 needed to be replaced. I got my new one, and started in downloading Microsoft apps, like OneNote, from the Google Play Store. When I was done I opened up OneNote and noticed straight away that there was no Sticky Note icon on this version. If this is supposed to be the mobile version, then why is there no Sticky Note Icon? I also installed Office 365 app, and not to my surprise, like on my phone there was my Notes. When I'm on my laptop, I normally choose to use OneNote 2016, as it is more robust, even though I have to open a separate app to use my Sticky Notes, (WBTW I've come to rely on more than I used too) So let me ask this Why can't there be some parity for OneNote. I have the OneNote app on both my phone and tablet, as OneNote is not available in Office 365 on my tablet or phone, like it is in the desktop version of Office 365, but Word, Excel, Sticky Notes are?