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John S

*Edited 3 months ago

Outlook ate my email!

I noticed an email this morning on my phone from CloudLibrary that a book I had on hold was ready. I went to my computer, opened my email, but there was nothing there! that's strange. Okay, back to that later. I went to CloudLibrary App, and downloaded to book without any problems. I now came back to Microsoft Outlook 365 (Desktop) did a search, and it pulled it up but there was no message in the body, and when I tried move it to it's folder, it said that that email couldn't be found. BTW, I did open Outlook 365 Web, and it didn't show there either, big surprise huh!. To note, when I did my search for it I searched all folders and subfolder, so that just adds to the mystery. All my years with Outlook Express and Outlook, I've never come across this. I'm open to ideas and suggestions as to what went wrong. Throw your $.02 worth in here! and Outlook add some Mustard to that email sandwich will ya!