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John S

a year ago

Password Managers: LastPass vs: Windows Password Manager

I recently had an event, where I could not log into my BofA account on line. I had had this happen before with my Verizon account, and after doing some searching I found the culprit was the interaction between the websites and Microsoft's Password Manager and LastPass. Every once in a while they would not play nicely and get along. If I updated one or the other and inadvertently forgot to update the other, well, you get the picture. What I found yesterday though was really troubling. While making sure that my password in Microsoft' Password Manager was correct, I saw multiple accounts with multiple login credentials, that I haven't used in quite some time, and in fact should have been updated. But multiples? troubling to say the least. My Verizon was the worst with 5 different sets of credentials. Once I cleared all but the ones that I needed, all has been well. Same with BofA. LastPass has really begun to annoy me too. When I log into a site, it nags me with a screen that asks if I want to update that login info.... Seriously! Every single time! And every time on my Android phone if highlight something that need input it asks if I want to auto fill with LastPass. Sheesh! I've been using LastPass since Windows 8, and the