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John S

*Edited 8 months ago

Printer Issues

Yesterday I went to print a receipt for an online purchase. After I clicked Print Receipt button, the Microsoft Printer just kept spinning and spinning. I finally gave up, and just did a screen print from the print under the ellipsis. Today I needed to do the almost exact same thing, but this time I was importing it into another program, something I've done for years. I noted that the web page was jittery and bouncing. I opened it in Edge Mobile and it was stable there so I imported it from there. Later in the day I again needed to print a receipt, and once again, the Microsoft Printer just spun and spun. This time I just took a screenshot, then opened the jpeg with IfranView and printed it as a PDF into OneNote. Is anyone else having any problems? any suggestions, and yes I did give feed back. Thanks all