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John S

*Edited 2 months ago


When I open the Edge Browser on my Surface Go 2, it opens with Bing, and MSN News as it is supposed to like my laptop, both are updated to the latest version, However the Surface Go browser on MSN seems to be stuck and wont let me sign into MSN. and won't sign in automatically like it should. It keeps saying that something went wrong and we can't sign you in right now. Please try again later. Then I get a message about too many authentication attempts. Never gave me one? The only difference I am able to see in the browsers is that the on the laptop when I click the profile picture there is browse as guest, and add profile. On the Surface Go however, I noticed one time that it wanted to log me in under one of my alias accounts, but I stopped that. But under the correct profile pic besides the browse as guest, and add profile, it also has a profile 2? I'm thinking that that had to have been my alias. So now how to get that off of there. I've done some searching and it would appear that I may be looking at going into the registry? Hope not! Open to Ideas guy and gals! thanks in advance