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Dr. Robotics

10 months ago

Project to your PC screen

Windows 10 comes with yet another great feature. You can project another device to your PC screen. Though most devices are not designed to be projected to, it is possible. With this feature, instead of just projecting to your PC, you can also control the device from your PC. I find this best helpful when you would like to monitor someone else's PC, like a minor. Unlike Remote desktop, the device does not need to be connected to the same network as your PC. Such like devices include Smartphones through Miracast and other PCs through Miracast or intel WiDi. All you need to do on your PC is click on the start menu or search and type 'connect'. The app will appear and open it. Before connecting, windows will open the 'projecting to this PC' setting and confirm if your PC is compatible with Project. if it is compatible, change the settings to your liking. Once done, Open the connect app and on your other device, if a PC, click Windows key + P and select connect to a wireless display. On the connect tab, yo will see your PC's name. Select it and follow any instructions required, and enjoy your connection. you can also access the connect tab through the action center.