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8 months ago

Redirect a game from MS Store App to a different Drive ?

Hello Community, In the old days when you wanted to install a new game a small window would pop open with a suggested drive and path to where you wanted to install the new game. You could select and accept there suggestion - Or - change the default drive letter to a different drive and path. However in the most current Windows 10 May 2004 build and the most current MS Store App I don't seam to be able to do this simple task. It always goes ahead and installs then to the OS C: drive. I know its probable something I'm missing or overlooking. I'm not a gamer, so I'm kind of at a loss and would really appreciate any Help! you can offer. So my question Is : How do I install a game from MS Store App to a different internal hard drive other than the default OS C: drive?... 🤔 Thank-You In Advance For All Your Help.