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robert rough

4 months ago

resolving Outlook 2007 password issue with windows 10

recently upgraded my desktop from windows 7 to windows 10. Elected to keep office 2007 with Gmail as my primary email. Intermittently experiencing an password information message window in Outlook 2007 when I select the Outlook 2007 App and/or select the send/receive function within the App. Message is "Enter network password", "type your user name and password". I have verified that the password is the same for both Gmail and Outlook 2007, rebooted the system, but still get the same message when selecting "send/receive". This request window doesn't always display upon initiation of Outlook 2007, but does eventually pop up sometime during the Outlook session. When this pop-up message box appears it requires that I select the close X and/or cancel tab several times before the pop-up box goes away and allows me to continue with the Outlook session. Both Windows 10 and Outlook 2007 have been reloaded, yet I still continue to experience this issue. Any thoughts???? r3jr