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Drew -

*Edited 3 months ago

Noticed a category

I see there is a category, Security & Privacy. And it says, "Get tips..." I have a tip or 2 for this: It's high complex... (J/K 😂) 1. Use Windows 10. LOL That's it. Well, except don't add any 3rd Party stuff to it, the OBE is fine. And that takes care of the 1st part... except for whatever the End User does OR doesn't do. 2. Use Edge 2.a In Edge, block 3rd Party cookies & set Tracking prevention to Strict. Ad blocking & Pop-up blocking are on by default 3. Don't visit porn sites. 4. Don't click on anything unfamiliar in Emails or anything in Emails from unfamiliar or unknown sources. 5. Spend no time on a phone with incoming callers saying they are from MS. 6. Store critical data in the cloud; OneDrive or something similar. 7. 10 fights ransomware. As for privacy... don't give out personal info, create & use bold/strong P/Ws, change them often and use Family Controls. The idea that one's privacy is at risk with Win10 is 100% false & a myth. And YT vids & other sources saying turn stuff off in Win10 or say "No" to stuff is completely wrong & based on a severe lack of accurate understanding... Attention is paid to computer use to improve Windows 10 for everyone, globally... NO personal data is of interest OR collected. There are so many protections & safeguards between Edge & Win10, just be glad, relax & enjoy Cheers, Drew