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*Edited 14 days ago

Scam Information Worthy Of A Second Look πŸ‘€

Hello Everyone, With all the problems out there on the Web Nowadays I'd like to share some of this information with you that is truly worth a Second Look And Mentioning πŸ‘€. First Off "Please" (((don't))) call any of the Phone Numbers that may pop up from a Supposable MS Tech Support Phone Number and NEVER!... give anyone Remote access to your PC. Please remember!... That Microsoft will "Never" call you on the phone unless you call them first and set up a call back time with them Directly. Never!... Post your E-mail address or Phone Number On a Public Forum on the Net. ( I also recommended that you don't post your Birthday or Full Name or exact location) Here are two Very Good Links supplied by the Good Folks directly at Microsoft That You should Please watch for further Information : Staying Safe From E-mail And Chat Scams @ Staying Safe From Browser Scams @ Also If you should run into one of these scams PLEASE report It To Microsoft. Report A Scam @ I Hope You Find These Links And Information Very useful and Helpful What are your thoughts Likes/Dislikes ?